Consulting/bridge construction for:

  1. individual companies

  2. Farms

  3. Communities

  4. Village and urban developments

  5. Regional development

Seminars on the topics:

  • Development of agri-solidarity communities

  • Community development

  • Village and regional development

  • School developments

  • on economic and financing issues

  • new billing systems

  • on decision-making processes Personal development

  • Ecological building

How to organize a lecture or seminar

Coaching for:

  1. Personal development

  2. Group processes

Accompaniment with:

  1. official negotiations and structural issues

  2. School development through solidarity communities

  3. Farm development through solidarity communities

  4. Farm handover

  5. Corporate developments

  6. Company handovers

  7. Joint developments

  8. Regional developments

Do you also want to set impulses for the future, build something new or realign your company, school, region or farm? Then contact us!