Consultant and trainer for ecological, social and human resources management Development issues in companies, communities, villages and cities.

Everyone can help shape the future

Diverse international experience gives him the professional expertise to recognize problems and identify effective solutions.


For me, projects and regions should clearly have meaningful tasks for a broader social development. At the heart of such initiatives are people who take on an “exemplary leadership” role by developing their internal and external skills to the highest level, thereby inspiring their fellow human beings to do the same.

What I am currently working on

I am currently writing a book with Anneke Schammann about social transformation and how we can recognize and defend against attacks against it.
In it I also  develop a simple “system-changing” complementary billing system, with a
“development interest” and a defined “organic food basket”as a unit of value. 
It can be used anywhere after a crash.

Who am I looking for

I know and am looking for people and projects throughout Europe who are facing up to the problems of our time and want to create new islands of hope and oases of culture in this world. We are looking for people with a sense of reality, a sense of responsibility, professionalism, sociability, perseverance and a certain amount of altruism. We can train them and network them with emerging projects.
Checklist: where are you and your project?

It starts with interest and the question

It wasn’t an academic education that led me to so many highly interesting projects (I left elementary school as a dyslexic), but my interest in people and the world. Early on, I kept asking myself “What does the world need? Where am I needed?
These questions led me through training in crafts, Demeter agriculture and social therapy to founding villages and working as a consultant worldwide. I just can’t stop asking questions… My questions make the world bigger and more exciting!

Everyone can help shape the future

We do not have an orderly market economy, but an uncontrolled speculative economy. As in the Monopoly game, economic and social structures are becoming more and more centralized. Politics, the media and educational institutions seem to be nothing more than henchmen of this system that despises people and nature.
This book describes practical ways in which social, economic, legal, fiscal and cultural changes can create safer and more ecological ways of living. It also shows how a completely new life-building “gift money system” can be set up. Thinking of such paths from the future creates joy and enthusiasm.